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Natural skincare from algae

Age-Defying Algae Beauty

Discover radiant, ageless skin with algae-based science

Formulated and hand-blended in the Hawaiian Islands

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Priming Crème


An anti-aging, anti-pollution day cream formulated for easy application and fast absorption. Uniquely designed to protect against sensitizers and dryness from makeup and sunscreen.

Manoa Mist Moisturizing Elixir


Hydrate and nourish during the day with a water-based elixir spritz. Going beyond hydration, this anti-aging and firming formulation scavenges free-radicals and absorbs UV rays.

Mana Moon Restorative Serum Balm


An extraordinary night balm rich in antioxidants and moisturizers for intense skin restoration with ActiveColors™. Reduces the appearance of brown spots and fine lines, improves skin eruptions, leaves skin feeling super smooth.


Vita-B Stem Cell Serum


A super concentrated serum for anti-aging, moisturizing, and tone-balancing. Rich in Hawaiian plant extracts and B vitamins. Use after toning to regenerate skin, reduce roughness, smooth wrinkles, improve elasticity. Follow with Priming Crème or Mana Moon.

Multiactive Purifying Toner


A multifunctional formula of botanicals with cleansing, anti-collagenase (anti-wrinkle) and antioxidant activities blended with naturally derived pore-reducing and skin- smoothing ingredients. This all-in-one alcohol-free toner efficiently purifies skin, leaving skin feeling hydrated, smooth, and refreshed, ready for follow-on facial treatments.

Kona Cleanse Face Polish


A facial polish formulated with naturally- derived ingredients and exfoliant that mildly removes dirt and make-up while it exfoliates dead skin cells without making the skin dry. Formulated with oils rich in linoleic acid that is compatible with skin, this natural-lathering cleanser contains the exceptional omega fatty acids that support skin barrier repair and skin cell regeneration.


Beauty Powered by ActiveColors™

ActiveColors™ is our anti-aging complex designed by professionals to smooth, hydrate, nourish, protect and rejuvenate skin.

Delivering premium ingredients from Hawaiian microalgae and plants produced sustainably in Paradise.


Portulaca molokiniensis

Our own ingredient, MOLOKINI® SC extract, is produced sustainably from plant stem cells of this rare endemic Hawaiian succulent. Rich in betalains, Betalains – red-violet or yellow pigments, rare among plants, with high anti-oxidant activities against free radicals that can cause skin aging. polyphenolics, Polyphenolics – compounds found in some plants that possess high antioxidant activities; scientifically known to protect the skin by scavenging free radicals that can lead to skin aging and wrinkles and biopolysaccharides Biopolysaccharides – relatively large biological molecules made up of many simple sugars; produced naturally by some plants and microbes.  Known to hydrate skin, suppress drying, benefit skin texture, reduce appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, and help protect the skin from pollutants or other irritants. for excellent anti-aging and moisturizing properties.

Hibiscus acetosella

Although its blossoms are stunning, our Cranberry Hibiscus is farmed for its leaves rather than its flowers to significantly reduce green waste. Grown in Hawai’i without pesticides. Water extracts are rich in polyphenolics, Polyphenolics – compounds found in some plants that possess high antioxidant activities; scientifically known to protect the skin by scavenging free radicals that can lead to skin aging and wrinkles. flavonoids, Flavonoids – strong antioxidants produced by some plants; thought to help protect skin from photo-oxidative stress by absorbing UV rays and blocking UV penetration to reduce skin damage and pre-mature aging with regular use.    and organic acids for a wellspring of antioxidants, anti-pollutants and collagen boosters.

Microalgae from wai and kai*

Our treasured extracts from Hawaiian algae provide humectants, anti-pollutants, plus the carotenoids astaxanthin, Astaxanthin – a red-orange pigment naturally produced in some plants and microbes; a scientifically proven powerful antioxidant that helps prevent photo-oxidative stress from damaging effects of UV rays associated with pre-mature aging, even hours after sun. lutein and AquaZanthin™ AquaZanthin™ extract – Our newly discovered algal extract contains xanthophylls, a subclass of colorful antioxidant carotenoids. What makes them special for skincare is that these are water-soluble and stable, making them ideal for activating water-based formulations like mists. Carotenoids – a class of mainly yellow, orange and red fat-soluble pigments in plants and microbes, powerful antioxidants. essential for skin hydration, protection, and self-renewal. *rainwater and seawater.