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Ageless Algae-Based Beauty

New A’ala Hawai’i skincare line delivers radiant results with algae-based science from Hawaii.

HONOLULU, HAWAII, October 1, 2019/ A’ala Bioactives has launched A’ala Hawai’i, a “clean and green” beauty brand that offers all-natural, algae-based skincare solutions for radiant, youthful skin.  Developed by professionals, A’ala (pronounced “ah-ah-la”) Hawai’i features premium ingredients scientifically proven to smooth, hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate skin.

Hawaiian algae naturally possess exceptional concentrations of protective antioxidants and moisturizers to combat the sun’s harsh rays. A’ala Hawai’i harnesses these benefits to create products for anti-aging, firming, and reduced redness/spots for a more even skin tone.  A’ala Hawai’i provides fast-absorbing formulations, suited for all skin types, that are 100% free of parabens, silicones, mineral oils, formaldehyde, and artificial preservatives. They are clinically tested, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free.

A’ala Hawai’i openly details its ingredients and their scientific efficacy for skincare, reflecting modern consumer preferences for transparency, authenticity, safety, and sustainability in the products that they use every day.

“Our dedicated team of scientists is committed to building a product line for healthy skincare, harmonious with nature,” says A’ala Hawai’i founder Dr. Heidi Kuehnle. “We tap into Hawaii’s biodiversity from sea level to the volcanic mountains to discover new ingredients.  These are produced in Hawaii using our patent-pending sustainable production techniques. Our formulations promote healthful glowing skin with a prestige feel, without relying on the synthetics found in many established luxury brands.” 

Dr. Kuehnle and her team decided to launch A’ala Hawai’i after years of working on sustainable raw materials for large cosmetics companies. “We loved our ingredients so much that we formulated them into products to use ourselves. We shared these with friends and family and received such an enthusiastic response that we decided to share these with the world.”  She notes that the name ‘A’ala’ is derived from the Hawaiian meaning sweet-scented and royal—conjuring sensations of fragrant tropical breezes and pampered luxury.  

A’ala Hawai’i includes six initial products—an anti-aging daily moisturizer, a hydrating spritz elixir for on-the-go, a smoothing rejuvenating balm, a mild cleansing face polish, an alcohol-free pore-reducing toner, and a vitamin-rich anti-aging serum to activate skin cells—all of which can be ordered from the A’ala Hawai’i website www.aalahawaii.com.

Early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.  On the Mana Moon Restorative Balm, one user comments: “My favorite product… it left a gloss, yet my skin was still breathable. The next morning, my dry, flaky patches were gone, my skin was soft... I was blown away because my thicker overnight creams just couldn't get my skin to hydrate enough.” On the daily Priming Crème, another user writes: “I love that this product is natural ingredients…I loved the smooth application and it was non-sticky or greasy!! …there’s a silkiness on my skin which made makeup application nice and even.”

To discover radiant, ageless skin with algae-based science from Hawai’i, simply follow the skincare routine at www.aalahawaii.com.

About A’ala Bioactives

A’ala Bioactives creates its own science-based beauty ingredients from algae it discovers in the Hawaiian Islands. Clinically tested and dermatologist-approved, the A’ala Hawai’i skincare line delivers superior performance using natural ingredients without synthetics and irritants. Committed to providing clean, sustainably sourced nature-based ingredients, A’ala Bioactives believes the future of beauty products will require a fundamental shift in the mindset behind skincare eco-impacts. To order products or learn more about the science behind the brand, visit www.aalahawaii.com.

Contact: Dr. Heidi Kuehnle

A’ala Bioactives
Email: info@aalahawaii.com